Please click on these links for specific information regarding upcoming reviews and desired reviewer expertise for each program area.

Grant reviewers help AMS select the best programs from competitive groups of applicants. Reviewers are chosen for specific grant programs based on their knowledge, education and experience. Grant review panels are selected to reflect diversity of ethnicity, gender, experience and geography.

Reviewers use their expertise to objectively evaluate and score applications against published evaluation criteria. Reviewers gain understanding of the grant-making process and have the opportunity to communicate with colleagues that often share common backgrounds and interests.

AMS grant reviews are held via the internet along with a telephone conference call or as a field review where reviewers independently review applications with limited group discussions as necessary. Regardless of review type, each reviewer who participates and completes their assigned duties receives an honorarium.

When registering to be an AMS reviewer in the Reviewer Recruitment Module, you will:
  1. Create an RRM Account;
  2. Enter personal contact information;
  3. Select general descriptions to indicate areas of expertise;
  4. Cut and paste your resume information into a searchable text box; and,
  5. Attach and upload your resume document.